Eat well, live well: Nourishing vegetables grown with love and respect for the earth.

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Nourish your body with goodness: Naturally raised poultry for a happy and healthy you.

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About Us

Vogdaya Farms is a registered Agribusiness located in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The farm produces large-scale organic soy beans, chilli peppers, rice, cabbage, lettuce, ducks, pigs, hens, and catfish.


Organic Products


Daily Products


Natural Deliciousness

Why Choose Us?

Premium Quality at Unbeatable Prices

Experience top-notch products at affordable rates, ensuring exceptional value for our customers.

Championing Sustainability

Embrace our commitment to sustainable development and the circular economy, aligning your investment with ethical and environmentally-conscious practices.

A Diverse Array of Offerings

From farm-fresh produce to artisanal goods, our extensive product range caters to every taste and preference.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Tap into a wider niche market and explore lucrative export opportunities, amplifying your investment potential.

Efficient Processing and Packaging

We ensure your products are handled with care, maintaining freshness and quality

Empowering Education

Enjoy complimentary sensitization sessions onsite , empowering you with valuable insights into our farming methods and product benefits.